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Awkward Video Surfaces Of Kim K Calling Herself Taylor Swift’s “Biggest Fan”

Awkward Video Surfaces Of Kim K Calling Herself Taylor Swift’s “Biggest Fan”

Times change, musical tastes evolve, people go from being Paris Hilton‘s assistant to being celebrities in their own right – WE GET IT. Nothing is set in stone and everything is temporary. That said, Kim Kardashian is probably regretting the time that she sang the praises of her now-enemy Taylor Swift, calling herself Tay’s “biggest fan” in an interview.

Some particularly savage editor from Entertainment Tonight unearthed a video of the incident in question, which appears to have come from a red carpet interview back in the more innocent days of 2009. Oh yes, 2009 back, when Taylor was still a country singer, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians was young. What a time it was.
In the video, ET’s reporter asks Kim about the number one song on her iPod, and she barely misses a beat before picking Taylor’s ‘Love Story‘. Look, we’re not disputing the greatness of ‘Love Story’, which is definitely a solid choice for the catchiest pop song of the late 2000s, but in retrospect … oof.
“I love Taylor Swift, I’m the biggest Taylor Swift fan,” Kim gushes in the video. “I’m watching her on Twitter, I just signed up for Twitter and I’m watching YOU Taylor … following!” There is a lot to unpack there, so please go ahead and enjoy:
Taylor Swift’s newest single ‘Look What You Made Me Do‘ arrived a little over a week ago, as a continuation of the very public spat between Taylor, Kim and her husband Kanye.
We probably don’t need to rehash all that drama yet again, but suffice to say, Kim probably doesn’t have any Taylor tracks on her listening device of choice.

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