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MUSIC REVIEW: Basiri Mi or Allow, Which Of These 9ice’s Latest Song Do You Think Will Become a Hit?

Living things crooner, 9ice is up with a double release after his 8th studio album which was earlier slated to drop this year was postponed till next year, 2018.
Basiri Mi” and “Allow” are twin tracks similar to the expressive and heartfelt style of music the Alapomeji singer is known for.
Here is our review of both songs;
Basiri Mi” is a prayer laden song themed on blessings and bountiful riches. “Basiri mi Ki nle ma tele Rihanna lo baluwe”.
If you want to get rich to the extent that Rihana will enter the same bathroom with you, we advice that you put the song on repeat and say a big “Amen” to every line of the song.
The lyrics is indeed the selling point of the song. Time to start praying for more blessings!
We rate this song 7 on the scale of 10  |  ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Listen & Download “9ice – Basiri Mi” below:-
Audio Player
This one started with a minute rendition of Yoruba poetry, eulogizing Adigun Alapomeji himself. This is a good reflection of the cultural aspect of 9ice and his Ancestor title.
As good as it sounds, a minute rendition of poetry is just too long for an intro but best as outro.
On this song, 9ice put a real feeling into the lyrics with some punchy lines to address his disposition to public criticism. Baba is just going to Allow!
The song is nice though but could easily be improved with more creative production effort.
We rate this song 5 on the scale of 10  |  ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
Listen & Download “9ice – Allow” below:-
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What do you feel about these two songs, Which do you think will become a classical hit?
Let’s here from you!!
Drop your comments.

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