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Psquare Peter and Paul Okoye have a ‘fight’, but are they planning a new album?

Three things are constant in the Nigerian entertainment industry; Wizkid will releases a hit song, D’banj will make a business move to make people wonder, and Psquare will fight publicly in the market square.

In this case, ‘market square’ refers to social media; today’s replica of the village open ground, where everything of note is held. Just like in the golden days of Igbo tradition, every special day of the year, some imaginary e-town crier shows up, beats the ceremonial gong and people stream out of their houses to the centre of town to watch a spectacle.

For the past 4 years, Psquare has provided that spectacle. They have carried themselves, with all of their prestige, success, mystery and goodwill to the social media market square, and fought publicly like kids, muddying themselves up, throwing low punches, and discovering new ways to let strangers into their family business.

It’s usually dirty stuff. Problems between twin brothers that cannot be settled in the comfort of their palatial homes are cut into tiny pieces, moved to social media, and assembled in front of strangers, fans, the press and families who take turns in contributing to what they know nothing about. Then they blow the whistle, and the fight begins. Just another regular year in the Nigerian music industry.

With the high amount of its occurrence, it has become a norm. It’s abnormal to not see Psquare fight. The sun will rise, the evenings will boast a gentle breeze, and Psquare has to fight, for the culture. That’s how low it is.

The latest of this ‘fight culture’ has begun, and it goes thus.

On September 14, 2017, Peter Okoye took to his Instagram page, where he wrote;

"If it makes you Happy, no one else's opinion should Matter. #LiveLifeHappy #WordsOfHappiness #KoolestDude   #MrP."

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