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She's Better Than Nigerian Ladies - Nigerian Who Married Older White Lover

In a chat with Punchng, Muiz Adebiyi who is married to an older American, Susan Smith. and lives in the US with her opened up on their over two-year-old marriage and his reason for marrying her.

Q: What attracted you to your wife despite the obvious disparity in your ages?
A: I am attracted to her because she is very cool, loving, understanding and protective. She has a better behaviour than slay mamas.

Q: How long did you know her before you proposed?
A: We had known each other for two years before we decided to get married three years after.

Q: What profession are you into?
A: I am a soccer player and also a car dealer.

Q: When there are disagreements between the two of you, who apologies first?
A: We both apologise when there are disagreements. But she does that first and more than I do because she is a wise wife who knows that the husband is the head of the house. She knows what marriage means.

Q: Tell us about her.
A: She is a nurse and from the United States of America. She is a short person but with a high intellect. She is quite understanding and the best woman in my life after my mother.

Q: Some people believe you chose her to get a permanent stay or something related. What do you have to say to that?
A: Yes, I know that most people will think that way. But I do not care because I was already a US citizen and that’s not from her.

Q: Having dated a Nigerian lady and now married to an older American, what comparison can you make between the two?
A: My wife is far better than Nigerian ladies in every positive way. She is a wife material.  - #regrann

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