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Why Was There Little Call For Biafra When Jonathan Was In Power? (Urgent Answer Needed)

One would imagine that in five years that Jonathan was in Power, if these protests and loud requests for secession was brought forward and it was this loud, It might have been easier for the Igbo nation to get what they seem to want.
Of course there is also the question of whether the agitators actually speak the mind of the Igbo Nation.
This is because in my corner of the country, the Igbo men I know do not seem to be very much in support of Master Nnamdi.
Still, these issues should be addressed by way of logical two way discussion.
So my questions are:
why is the demand for Biafra more pronounced now?
Did the agitators forget what they wanted before?
Did they not want it at the time?
What exactly is the reasonable expectation currently?
Do you want the Hausa man to go and face his onions and cow while leaving the oil for only the east to enjoy because they are very selfless like Jesus?
Would it not have been easier to ask Jonathan to do that?
Are we willing to go back to 1967 to make it happen?
Please I really need an answer to this questions Ooo!

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