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Gone Are The Days (Romantic Poem)

Gone Are The Days

Gone are the days,
When I longed for you,
And The nights,
I Roll into your arms and cuddle.
How about the evenings,
We stood together to watch the sun set.

Gone are the days,
I blush when you speak my name,
Tingle, when you touch me.
That feelings of those Butterflies in my belly,
At the mere thought of you.
The sparkle and teasing....
and dreams of our love making.

Gone are the days,
For they are memories now.
Quite an unpleasant memory!
For there are no ties to that feelings anymore.
The butterflies are dead!
For they are the worst sensation.
I feel more irritation these days,
The irritation of constantly asking myself,
How we happened?
I hate the 'me' that ever fell for you.

                                                          Amaka Ibeh

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