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2:15am ~ Romantic Poetry by Amakahub


It's 2:15am again
One of the awful nights,
I stay up waiting for him to come home
Seated on the dreadful couch
Which I refuse to call my favorite
In spite its assistance every other nights.
My both legs dancing endlessly
To the beat of my fuming annoyance.
My silver table knife shining under the light
Whilst waiting to do its job.

How much have I excelled at throwing?
I wondered amidst my many thoughts
I could throw this knife,
And it would find his heart
Or sadly, dent my door.

I'm inwardly dead
That I admit
I'm in a cage
An eternal damnation called
What haven't I endured
The lies!
The whoring!
The pretence!

I'm gone past the emotions
And regrets
I simply want to end it.
Even if it means ending him.

Then the wait was finally over
He pushed through the door
I threw the knife
But it dented my door as I'd feared
He gasped, fears in his eyes.
"Set me free" I yelled.

                                      Amaka Ibeh

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