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Being A Girl In The World

Being A Girl In The World

Being a girl in the world is like being a butterfly
She is delicate
And no matter how much strength she sees in herself
She is just too delicate
The fear of being smothered rings constantly
In her mind.
As she flaps her beautiful wings
Mama warns her not to listen to flattery
But flattery makes her feel special
As a matter of fact, she blushes at every flattery
She loves the attention she gets
She loves to be adored

She sets herself free
And let everyone in,
Close enough to see all of her beauty
Her strength, her vulnerability!
She loves it; the love they give to her
And she wants more of it,
So she gives so much love and more to keep their interest.
She loves how they watch when she soars high,
Her beautiful wings on display everytime
At first she couldn't tell the difference,
The good and the bad!
It never made sense,
How those who revere her
Also wanted to make a meal out of her.
She had to lose so much to understand
Her beautiful wings and innocence
Were the necessary sacrifice
She had to make
To learn not everyone who wanted her
Wanted her for her own good.
                                                Amaka Ibeh

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