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Mortality (Amakahub Poetry)

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Broken Woman

Taking a walk down the hospital hallway,
Something strange caught my attention in one of the wards
Or was it the strange stench?
All I knew was, I stopped at the exit
Staring at a woman still in her patient uniforn
Sitting at the edge of the bed
She seemed to be carrying a baby
Not that I could see the baby
But I assumed it was a baby
Because of fluffy shawls on her hands
Her head was bent low,
She probably couldn't take her eyes of her baby.
Maybe it was a new born
Or not,
Shouldn't the baby be crying?
Or the very least be fussing?
All babies fuss!
But it was utterly quiet
Like life itself had lasped.
She raised her face to look at me
As I advanced closer to her
But never replied my decent greeting.
She was exhausted,
Her tired gaze said it all
Her spiky and unkempt hair said so much more even
Then her broken lips rubbed together gently
Like they wanted so badly to part and ask for help
I noticed her eye bags! her red eyes!
Those crying eyes seem not to have meet sleep in days
She seemed brutely wounded too
Emotionally betrayed
Betrayed by forces she couldn't control
The stench became stronger as I advanced nearer
I stared into the many shawls
Only to find a tiny lifeless baby
Rottening in the arms of a broken woman.

                                                                  ~Amaka Ibeh

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