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TRAPPED (Amakahub Poetry)


I snap my eyes open
My consciousness just awoken.
Around me is vacuum, an empty space
Dark and void.
I take my first step
But It isn't solid beneath my feet
It feels like, I am walking on water
More like a sticky mud
Every step is difficult
And each time
It feels like, I would fall in and drown.

This feeling is a cliché
Strange but entirely familiar
A sad feeling
One wrapped around so much ugliness.

Suddenly, I feel myself drowning in the void
I fight so hard to be free
But its hold over me is strong
So strong that at a time,
I can't feel my limbs
I try to scream
But I can't find my voice
I try so hard to scream;
That is the only tool I have
And when I finally find my voice
It echoes into the empty space
Many times I scream
Many times I call for help
But none comes.
                                        ©Amaka Ibeh

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