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Eye Witness

Eye Witness
I stood by my window that very night, unhappy
Unhappy that my own mother knew
Exactly how to knock smiles off my face, every time.
Even on a Christmas Eve!

I stared out into the street, admirably!
The street was beautiful
The street light,
Speedy cars, every once in a while
But no one was on the street
Except they were staring out their windows like me
But that I truely doubt.

Why are mothers such bullies?
I got lost in my thoughts again
The entire family would be traveling the next day,
Except me, of course
And her,
I'm literally stuck with her the entire holiday
Who could ever argue with her? her words were final!
Even my dad dares not say other wise.

Out on the street went my attention again
At the sight of a slender silhouette of a person
Advancing from afar,
I leaned closer
Why was he/she walking the street this late?
My street was known to be dangerous at this hour
Well that was before the street lights came
Crimes seemed to have reduced ever since
As he advanced closer to my block,
I recognized him
He was one of the kids in my  street
One of the calm ones
He loved walking  alone or with his siblings
We all  grew up together
Although I never knew his name,
How would I?
When my bully of a mother thinks all the kids
"A bad influence"
He was cute
And if I could recall, during our catechisms classes
Which I only happened to attend twice
Everyone wanted to be his friend
Especially the girls
I'd wondered back then what it was they loved so much about him
Always on a skinny jeans,
Big black polo always
And backpack, he never let's go off.

Suddenly he had company
Few inches away
He finally caught up with him
There was an argument
Then a struggle
The other guy was clearly older
And craggy.
He tried pulling his backpack
But the cute kid winced out of his grip
And ran
He chased after him
They both ran across my block
But the pace between them was little
Both were determined
Like  prey and predator
The predator held something shiny under his grip
I better be seeing it all  wrong.

Not long
The predator caught up with the prey
He pulled him away from the light
Across the gutter to  a dark corner
But because they were so close to my block
And I happened to be three floors up
I saw them clearer like they were in front of me
A little struggle
And he stabbed him in chest
And pulled his weapon.
He looked around him hastily,
Bulgy eyes like that of an owl.
He pulled the backpack from the dying body
And ran.

Scared and confused
I fell on the floor of my room
Tears gushing out of my eyes
Goose pimple all over my skin
Cold shivers
This was the scariest!
Yet still in doubt, maybe I'd seen it all wrong
So I looked out the window again
And he was still there
lying on the cold ground
And wasn't moving
How can I tell what I'd seen?
Who would believe me?
Can't even convince myself
Its still unclear!
Am I an eye witness to murder?

                                             Amaka Ibeh

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